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12 February 2014 @ 11:07 am
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18 March 2011 @ 12:08 pm
So, in a strange little state right now. Been getting consecutive bad marks for three grades now, which has been alternately throwing me into depression and the kind of desperate comforting that stems from the IT'SONLYFIRSTYEARDON'TFREAKOUT mentality that I'm halfway afraid will make me slack off even more. Because me? A slacker.

I should be worried and anxious and all kinds other of gut wrenching feelings that make me want to hurl vomit projections at the closest person clutching an A grade paper, but the sad thing is, the sun is finally shining in Calgary and nothing makes me happier than good weather. I think if someone could bottle sunshine and rainbows and rainy days that smell nice and are all silvery and not drizzly but pretty and shiny they could usher in world peace. Wow, try saying that sentence all in one breath.

Fridays with sunshine are the best kinds of days. I used to like them because they were the only day I got out of university before some heinously late hour in the night, but even with volunteering (and because of it, getting out of uni at a heinously late hour), I still love them. I'm not usually one for the TGIF kind of thing, especially since I still spend most of Saturday tidying up after school work and working, but this semester, Fridays are golden.

Things going in life right now:
+SCHOOL: Which is going badly right now. I don't know what the reason is, because I'm studying like always, and I think I do well in tests and things. But then the grades come back, and they're either hilariously bad or lower than I expected. Trying to keep a chin up, but I'm seriously getting freaked at this point

+WORK: Going well. My boss thinks I barf rainbows, which is really sweet and nice of her. It's convenient to be working on campus too, so yay.

+VOLUNTEERING: I actually like working at the tax service, what's up with that? I attribute it to my never being able to keep my nose out of other people's stuff. Seriously, if you leave me in a house, I will be going through your book cases in a second. Still not completely sure that I'm filing returns right, and I might apply for general instead of E-file nest year, because E-file is pretty easy.

+HEALTH: Ugh, going in the wrong direction. I'm stagnating right now, which, yeah, sure, no pressure, but it's just another thing.

TL;DR: Things are less than ideal, but because there is fanfic and sunshine in the world, I will survive
12 February 2011 @ 10:58 am
Saturday and I had to wake up at seven thirty today. What insanity is this.

The sad thing is that seven thirty in the morning is rather a lie in for me. It's an hour and thirty minutes more than I get to sleep, and I woke up ten minutes before my alarm. In my first year of university, and already I've developed the sleeping habits of an eighty year old woman who loves to knit.

But I digress. The reason for my heinously early start to the day is the Volunteer Tax Program, the initiation rite of passage for all aspiring general accountants. We have yet to sacrifice a virgin lamb yet, but they assure me that that's coming after lunch, which is good, because all the coffee is gone and most people are drooling on the cream tablecloths. I had two small cups of coffee liberally laced with sugar and two strudels the size of my face (everyone gave me very dubious looks at the buffet table, as though one was supposed to renounce sugar in the name of looking Earnest and Serious. However, the day I renounce sugar is the day the sky rips open in a splurge of alien tendons come to take over the world), so I'm jittering in my seat and tapping my foot. Everyone else trying to take a nap is giving me very dirty looks.

Trying not to have a panic attack when these people seem to expect me to remember two hours worth of tax return information, and to read fifty booklets worth on how to not get stabbed in the eye by an irate client or get a lawsuit filed against me because I bollocksed up a tax return spectacularly. The waiver forms aren't making me feel any better- in case I do get stabbed in the eye, the volunteer tax program waives any responsibility whatsoever. Don't you love it when the people you work for have your best interest at heart.
10 January 2011 @ 12:14 pm
Winter break is over, dammit, and that means I'm back to waking up at six every morning and running helter skelter. My imitation of a chicken with it's head cut off improves with daily practice.

Went for a workout today: staring listlessly at a huge bank of snow and pretending to read a year old Vogue while I sweat my pores clean. (Or dirty. Probably dirty) Tried not to die of hypothermia when I stepped outside. We're at minus 21 today. The weather network gleefully informs us that there will be an almost-whiteout later this week, temperatures dipping enough to freeze your state of mind and a glass of water

My New Year starts now, really, with uni and everything and I have one resolution: STOP PROCRASTINATING. I'm a grade-A, class of it's own procrastinator. Wikipedia is now banned forever from my address bar, because I really don't need to know the origins of Hello kitty when essays beckon to me.

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02 March 2010 @ 02:31 pm

NAME Player
ARTIST casule
RELEASE 3-3-2010
BITRATE 320kbps
1. Stay with You
2. Player
3. I wish You
4. The Music
5. Factory
6. I was Wrong
7. Can I Have A Word
8. What do you want to do
9. Hello
10. Love or Lies



14 January 2010 @ 03:07 pm

NAME Rashomon
RELEASE 15-1-2010
11.WOW (feat. Elva Hsiao)
12.In Your Eyes
(feat. Rainie Yang)


mulan zhao wei Pictures, Images and Photos
NAME Hua Mulan OST
ARTIST Various
01.木兰星 (Jane Zhang)
02.木兰情 (stephanie Sun)
13 January 2010 @ 09:52 pm

NAME ayaka MTV Unplugged
ARTIST ayaka
RELEASE 13-1-2010
1. Jewelry day
2. I believe
3. Why
4. Te wo Tsunagou (手をつなごう)
5. Good Night Baby (グンナイベイビー)
6. Blue Days (ブルーデイズ)
7. Human Nature (Michael Jackson Cover)
8. Mikazuki (三日月)
9. Okaeri (おかえり)
10. Yume wo Mikata ni (夢を味方に)
11. Arigatou. (ありがとう。)
12. ブルーデイズ (Blue Days)
14. Minna Sora no Shita (みんな空の下)


NAME Gloria
RELEASE 20-1-2010
01. Gloria
02. Muffler
03. It's all too much ~Instrumental~

Comments make me feel good, most especially because I have an exam tomorrow. I should be studying. Like, really.

07 January 2010 @ 01:19 am
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28 December 2009 @ 02:20 pm

NAME  You Were.../BALLAD
ARTIST Hamasaki Ayumi
RELEASE 28-12-09
TRACKSpw = kmc
01.You were... (Original mix)
02.BALLAD (Original mix)
03.RED LINE ~for TA~ (Original mix)
04.You were...(Music Box mix -retake version-)
05.Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ (Orchestra version)
06.You were... (Original mix -Instrumental-)
07.BALLAD (Original mix -Instrumental-)
08.RED LINE ~for TA~ (Original mix -Instrumental-)

Password: kmc


NAME Can We Go Back
ARTIST Koda Kumi
RELEASE 20-1-2010
01. Good☆day


Credits to: jona and LuverofLuv

Comments are deliriously appreciated. Share, credit, and all that.
24 December 2009 @ 01:57 am

NAME Raine and Love...?
ARTIST Rainie Yang
RELEASE 1-1-2010
01. 雨愛
02. In Your Eyes
03. 匿名的好友
04. 青春鬥
05. 調皮的愛神
06. 折疊式愛情
07. 要我的命
08. 絕對達令
09. 新流感
10. 二度戀愛


NAME We Are All Big Directors
RELEASE 09-05-09
01. Happiness
02. 大导演
03. 幻与幻想
04. 江子城
05. 觉醒
06. 走散
07. 时间停了
08. 游园会
09. 木兰香
10. 老板娘


NAME Diamond
RELEASE 10-12-09
05.Oh My Angel
07.Happy Birthday


The last decade or so was a good, old-fashioned, rapid let's-change-the-world thing. Seriously, looking back at all the stuff that happened, I'm surprised I'm still alive. But hey, we survived a (actually, many) pandemics, there's actually a black president in America, and if you're reading this, you're still alive.It's 2010, so HAPPY NEW YEAR, GUYS!

So, for your new year resolution, it'll be to express your utter gratitude more for that awesome person uploading this stuff, right? (Hint: it starts with pressing that post a comment thing-gum on your screen)